"I was very worried about being pre-diabetic and also having IBS. Rebecca advised me how to manage and what to eat. It has helped me enormously and eased my mind. A big thank you."

Ms M, Stanmore


"Rebecca, thanks for all your help. Finally, I have got a grip on myself and the weight is now falling off and I maintain a sensible diet, sugar control is also better."

Mr P, Edgware


"Rebecca has really helped me to think about my relationship with food differently, for the first time I'm thinking about the reasons why I'm eating something rather than just eating it and then feeling guilty. She has provided me with simple techniques I can use to stop me eating out of habit or to deal with an emotion I may be feeling."

Mrs J, Edgware


"So grateful for the advice given by Rebecca, and totally changed the way I think about my diet with my IBS. Thank you so much for your help."

Mr R, Elstree



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